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January 14, 2024
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Nilesh Krishnaa
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Nayanthara, Sathyaraj, K.S. Ravikumar
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Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language comedy drama film directed by K. Bhagyaraj. The film stars Khushbu Sundar in the lead role along with an ensemble cast including Prakash Raj, Vivek, Santhanam, and Aishwarya Rajesh. It is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures.

The story follows Annapoorani, played by Khushbu, who is passionate about cooking and runs a small restaurant. However, things take an interesting turn when a 5-star hotel owner Prakash Raj tries to acquire her lands to build a hotel. What follows forms the crux of this light-hearted and feel-good film which promises entertainment and a social message.

annapoorani movie ott
annapoorani movie ott

With veterans like Khushbu and Prakash Raj leading the film, along with popular comedians and a storyline around the theme of food, Annapoorani has generated good buzz and expectations among the audience. Let’s take a look at the cast and key details of this upcoming movie. In the Hindi Dubbed movie genre is also confirmed as the best movie like this movie.

Actors of Annapoorani

The cast of Annapoorani is headlined by seasoned actors like Khushbu Sundar and Prakash Raj along with comedians Vivek and Santhanam playing pivotal supporting roles. With the story revolving around food and cooking, the actors seem aptly cast for their roles.

Main Roles

Khushbu Sundar, who herself is passionate about food in real life, essays the titular role of Annapoorani. Her character is described as a strong, independent woman who values humanity and spreads joy through her cooking. Nayanthara also has done roles in hindi movies including Jawan. Prakash Raj plays the role of the main antagonist, a wealthy businessman who tries to acquire Annapoorani’s small restaurant. His greed and lack of values form the central conflict in the plot.

Vivek portrays Annapoorani’s loyal friend and assistant who helps run the restaurant. His comic timing and on-screen chemistry with Khushbu promises to be a delight to watch. Aishwarya Rajesh plays an important role as Annapoorani’s niece Meera who supports her against the businessman’s ploys. She represents the modern ethos and helps Annapoorani adapt.

Supporting Cast

Comedian Santhanam plays a small yet pivotal role as a food vlogger who gives international exposure to Annapoorani’s cuisine. His new-age antics and enthusiasm adds flavor to the story. Actor Karunakaran essays the role of Prakash Raj’s son who lacks values like his father but eventually sees the goodness in Annapoorani’s cause.

Actors Mayilsamy, Mottai Rajendran, Manobala and Kovai Sarala play supporting roles bringing situational comedy and warmth to the storyline. Their roles as quirky patrons of Annapoorani’s restaurants promise humor and emotional connect.

Production of the Movie Annapoorani

Annapoorani has been produced by Dream Warrior Pictures which is known for successfully delivering several hit comedies and family entertainers in Tamil cinema. National Award winning director K. Bhagyaraj leads the project bringing his trademark humor and emotional storytelling.

annapoorani film
annapoorani film


The concept of Annapoorani was developed by K. Bhagyaraj who also wrote the screenplay along with dialogues. Having made iconic family dramas like Mouna Ragam and exploring food as a theme in his previous films, his experience brings authenticity to the subject. The pre-production was extensive to get the cuisine, restaurant set designs and food styling perfect to suit the story’s milieu.


The principal photography commenced in May 2022 at various locations in Chennai including sets erected at Devar Films Studio. Since the food and restaurant premise form central elements, several key scenes have been filmed on specially constructed food joint sets. Apart from Chennai, scenes have also been canned in Pollachi and serene hill station locales of Kerala capturing the regional flavors beautifully through the lens.

Music of Annapoorani

As a feel-good comedy drama, music and background score form an integral part of the experience. Annapoorani’s soundtrack is composed by D. Imman featuring lyrics penned by Viveka, Kabilan, and others. 2 songs have already been released which have become popular chartbusters – the celebratory “Annapoorani Theme” track picturized on Khushbu and the “Thaen Sernthu” folksy melody filmed on Aishwarya Rajesh. The music adds soul and connects the emotions beautifully.

Controversy surrounding the film Annapoorani

The film did face some early controversies when the initial title had the word “Brahmin” associated to Annapoorani’s community which created a furor. However, the producers clarified that Annapoorani’s character does not represent any specific community and promptly changed the title to avoid hurting sentiments.

There were also some unconfirmed rumors about Khushbu and Prakash Raj not getting along during shoots. But the actors dismissed it in interviews terming them baseless allegations. Besides these minor hiccups, there has been no other controversy related to the film so far.

A Little About the Story of Annapoorani

At its core, Annapoorani tells a heartwarming story celebrating food and humanity while giving a social message. Annapoorani is introduced as a kind-hearted woman who believes feeding people is her purpose. Despite many difficulties, she perseveres and keeps spreading joy through cooking.

The conflict arises when a capitalist tries to take over her restaurant. But Annapoorani finds support from her loyal customers, family and even social media to take on the mighty businessman. The light-hearted, family friendly narrative with songs and comedy makes the underlying message easily accessible.

Without revealing all the plot points, the story promises fun moments as well as emotional resonance around the universal connect people feel with food. It blends situational and slapstick humor with a social drama highlighting human values.

annapoorani tamil movie
annapoorani tamil movie

Annapoorani – The Goddess of Food brings together a unique ensemble of talents spearheaded by versatile actress Khushbu Sundar in a role tailor-made for her personality. With ace filmmaker K. Bhagyaraj crafting a heartwarming situational comedy blended with a social message, the film has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.

The premise exploring food as an emotion that binds people holds universal appeal. The lead cast of Khushbu, Prakash Raj along with talented comedians promise an entertaining ride. Supporting their antics is music director D. Imman’s chartbuster songs and background score elevating the humor and emotions. Attractively shot capturing regional cuisine and flavors, Annapoorani as a complete package has all the ingredients to hit the sweet spot.