Operation Alamelamma (2017)

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Operation Alamelamma is a 2017 Kannada comedy and crime film, marking the directorial debut of Suni and the appearance of actors Rishi and Shraddha Srinath in the lead roles. This film delivers a compelling story with poignant humor, combined with crime elements to create a vibrant entertainment experience for audiences.

The film takes place in a large city in South India, where a young man named Purmy (played by Rishi) is a salesman at a fashion store. He is a smart guy, but also a bit naive and easily deceived. This misunderstanding takes him on an unexpected adventure, as he must find a way to prove his innocence and clarify everything.

operation alamelamma full movie
operation alamelamma full movie

Part of the story is that Alamelamma (played by Shraddha Srinath), a mysterious woman, is stuck in a difficult situation and needs help. Purmy accidentally becomes the hero who saves her from a dangerous situation, and from there, his adventure begins. The interaction between the two main characters brings both funny and sad situations as they face challenges and dangers.

One of the highlights of Operation Alamelamma is the way it combines humor and crime in a funny and clever way. The film not only brings comfortable laughter but also maintains tension and excitement from the criminal elements. The actors showed good teamwork and had an excellent transformation into their roles, bringing inspiration and appeal to the audience.

Operation Alamelamma also contains meaningful messages about trust, friendship and the surprise of fate.

Although not a groundbreaking film in its genre, Operation Alamelamma still captures audiences’ attention by telling an engaging and amusing story. The combination of comedy and crime, along with excellent actors, creates a memorable cinematic experience.

Operation Alamelamma is not only a captivating entertaining film but also a story about friendship, trust and the ability to overcome difficulties. With a clever combination of comedy and crime elements, this film conquered the hearts of the audience and became one of the must-watch works of 2017 in the Kannada film industry.

operation alamelamma hero
operation alamelamma hero

Movie Info:

Suni Cinemas StarFab
Available in
7 September 2017
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Main Stars
Manish Rishi, Shraddha Srinath, Rajesh Nataranga
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