Kazhugu 2 (2019)

kazhugu 2 full movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
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2 August 2019
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Kreshna, Bindhu Madhavi, Kaali Venkat
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Kazhugu 2 is an Indian action and psychological film released in 2019, marking the return of one of the most impressive films in Tamil cinema. Directed by Sathyasiva, this film is a sequel to 2012 “Kazhugu”, giving audiences a fresh story with engaging and engaging elements.

The setting of Kazhugu 2 is set in the rural areas of South India, where the lives of wild bird hunters become famous. The film revolves around the character Krishna (played by Kreshna), a man who lost his parents at a young age and lived an unhappy life, receiving enough sarcasm and injustice from society. He has a special ability in hunting wild birds, which helps him make a living by catching and selling them.

kazhugu 2 movie
kazhugu 2 movie

While trying to find status and fame, Krishna meets Meera (played by Bindu Madhavi), a strong and independent woman.

Part of Kazhugu 2’s appeal lies in its exploration of thrilling plot twists and action-packed scenes.

Another factor is the excellent acting of the cast. Kreshna has shown the multi-dimensional character of Krishna in a very subtle way, from emotional weakness to decisive strength. Bindu Madhavi also brought a convincing performance to her role of Meera, a strong and seductive woman who does not hesitate when faced with challenges.

In addition, Kazhugu 2 also contains profound messages about love, sacrifice and betrayal. Through difficulties and challenges, the main character learned many valuable lessons about faith and belief in himself and others.

However, with the combination of great acting, beautiful scenes and thrilling story, Kazhugu 2 is still a film worth watching and leaves a strong impression on the audience. With a surprise ending and emphasis on teamwork, this movie is sure to please fans of the action and psychological genres.

kazhugu 2 hindi
kazhugu 2 hindi
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