Khichdi 2

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Zee Studios
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Feb 16, 2024
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Aatish Kapadia
Main Stars
Kirti Kulhari, Flora Saini, Farah Khan
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Prepare to step into a world of fun and nostalgia with Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan. Emerging as a new addition to the Indian comedy-drama scene, Khichdi 2 brings back the iconic Parekh family and their chaos and whimsy.

Coming in from the brilliant mind of Aatish Kapadia and produced by Vineet Jain and Jamnadas Majethia,

this film serves as the direct sequel to the 2010 cult comedy hit, Khichdi: The Movie. The fifth launch in the Khichdi franchise.

khichdi 2 ott
khichdi 2 ott

Meet the cast of Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

The heart and soul of the film lie in the brilliance of the Parekh family, portrayed by some of the biggest talents in the industry. Here are the complete cast details for Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan.

Lead cast

The cast is led by the iconic Supriya Pathak Kapur in her role as Hansa Praful Parekh.

Rajeev Mehta also dons his usual persona as Praful while also appearing in a dual role as Imam Kha Ke Thuk.

The evergreen Anang Desai brings his gravitas as Babuji or Tulsidas Parekh. Vandana Pathak brings her infectious energy as Jayshree Parekh,

while the entertaining Jamnadas Majethia brings back his iconic role as Himanshu Chandrakanth Sheth.

khichdi 2 story
khichdi 2 story

Support cast

The supporting cast of the film does a great job of introducing depth and flavor to the story. Can also be known through Bollywood movie downloads.

Actors like Kirti Kulhari play the role of Parminder Kaur Sheth, while Anant Vidhaat Sharma brings a memorable on-screen presence as Kushal.

Other members of the supporting cast included the likes of Flora Saini, Farah Khan, Kiku Sharda, and others in brief or special appearances. Their notable appearances brought forth a tapestry of characters that brought the world of Khichdi 2 to life.

The development and release of Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

The idea for the sequel can be traced back to the breakaway success of the first film, which was met with critical acclaim and a devoted fan following.

2017 saw the producers announce the project, which swung a huge anticipation for the fans.

Further development of the script was handled by the director until principal filming began. What followed was a comedic chaos that promised to push the boundaries of absurdity.

Filming began in Mumbai in February 2023 and some of the iconic locations of the city served as backdrops for the Parekh family. The theatrical launch for the film was announced for November 12, 2023,

which marked the second big outing for the Parekh family on the big screen.

Subsequently, the film was also released on OTT, ensuring widespread accessibility for viewers.

Although the number of viewers is still not as large as the movie Joram.

A Critical Review of Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

While the first film was released to critical acclaim, the same cannot be said for the sequel. With mixed to negative reviews from the critics, the film became a box office debacle.

khichdi 2 release date
khichdi 2 release date

A return to nonsense

While the decision to visit the chaotic world of the Parekhs in Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan does initially seem confusing for those who question the need for such a disjointed sequel, many seem to be motivated by the reboots from memory lane. And the omnipresence of these characters on OTT platforms, the rationale behind the sequel seems like another attempt at showcasing an eccentric Parekh family.

Many have embraced the inherent absurdity that defines the franchise, however,

it is not hard to see that the entire plot revolves around pure senselessness.

The introduction of the fictional land called Paanthukistan, governed by a tyrant who surprisingly looks like Praful,

serves as the central pivot that brings forth a series of misadventures. And alongside the Parekhs,

the viewers are introduced to a wide range of characters, who barely make the plot more cohesive.

Portrayal of absurdity

The land of Paanthukistan is shown as a parody where the country lacks even the most basic of amenities, such as running water, which paves the way for some of the hilarious sequences of the film involving makeshift toilets that are for hire.

Kirti Kulhari, with her role as Parminder’s Punjabi spirit, injects fun moments throughout the runtime,

while Hansa’s linguistic quirks continue to draw laughs and groans in equal measure.

Amidst all this ensuing chaos, a scientist making a robot with some inexplicable capabilities surely does well to underline the creator’s penchant for the absurd.

Pratik Gandhi’s quick yet memorable appearance on screen with the cast as a pilot further does well to enhance the appeal of the film for the audience.

One of many cameo appearances across the runtime of the film.

Other details of Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan

khichdi 2 review
khichdi 2 review

The film is directed by Aatish Kapadia under the banner of Hats Off Productions and Zee Studios. Major producers for the sequel include Vineet Jain

and Jamnadas Majethia, and cinematography was taken care of by the talented Vijay Soni.

The soundtrack of the film can be credited to Chirantan Bhatt and Raju Singh for some brilliant and soulful compositions to complement the narrative.

Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan was declared a flop after the film was only able to amass 5.65 crores from the box office,

making it one of the lowest-earning releases of the year. Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan was released in November 2023 and has a total runtime of 122 minutes.


Although the film failed to capture attention like its predecessor, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan emerges as a delightful trip down memory lane with the misadventures of the Parekh family that we all grew to love over the years. Offering moments of laughter and whimsy amidst the absurd chaos brings a delightful romp to enjoy with the family.

And while the decision to revisit the Parekh family may initially raise eyebrows, the director adeptly handles the material and stays true to the original. This ensures a sequel that stands as a worthy addition to the franchise. Despite a lackluster performance at the box office, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan can bring back a vibrant cast,

surreal scenarios and an unchecked love for the senselessness of the Khichdi universe.