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Yaanum Theeyavan is an Indian crime action film released in 2017, which marked the emergence of several new talents in the Tamil Nadu film industry. Directed by Prashanth G Sekar and produced by Sophia Jerome, the film has captured the audience’s attention by combining an engaging storyline and dramatic action elements.

The story revolves around the main character, Yaanum Theeyavan, played by Ashwin Jerome, a young and talented man, but possessing a dark past and a shady future. Drawn into a world of crime and cases, Yaanum Theeyavan faces many challenges and dangers from unpredictable enemies.

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An important part of the film is the representation of the relationship between Yaanum and Kani, played by Varsha Bollamma, who accompanies him on this difficult journey.

But Yaanum Theeyavan is more than just a story of friendship and crime-fighting. The film also explores deeper into the mind and soul of the main character, raising questions about morality and the struggle between good and evil. Yaanum faces many difficult decisions, requiring him to make trade-offs between doing right and revenge, between protecting those he loves and seeking justice.

Not only does it have an attractive plot, Yaanum Theeyavan also impresses the audience by displaying realistic and satisfying action and battle scenes.

In addition, the film also impressed by the performances of the cast, especially Ashwin Jerome and Varsha Bollamma, who demonstrated their acting talents by taking on complex and multi-dimensional roles. .

Overall, Yaanum Theeyavan is not only an entertaining action film but also a story about the struggle between good and evil, friendship and love, and choosing between right and wrong. With an exciting plot, dramatic action scenes, and excellent acting, this film is definitely worth the audience’s time to explore and enjoy.

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Movie Info:

Peppy Cinemas
Available in
18 September 2020
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480p | 720p | 1080p
Prashanth G Sekar
Main Stars
Santhana Bharathi, Varsha Bollamma, Pari Elavazhagan
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