London Confidential (2020)

london confidential full movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
JAR Pictures
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18 September 2020
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Kanwal Sethi
Main Stars
Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kiren Jogi
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London Confidential is an Indian spy and detective film released in 2020 on the online platform ZEE5. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, this film focuses on the fight against a mysterious threat from China. With the participation of top actors and a thrilling plot, London Confidential has attracted the attention of audiences around the world.

The film takes viewers into the dangerous world of international intelligence when a series of mysterious virus infections appear in London. Police and authorities quickly realized that there was a threat coming from China, but they couldn’t determine exactly what. In this situation, MIA (Indian Military Intelligence Committee) decided to conduct a secret investigation to find the truth and stop this dark plot.

london confidential movie
london confidential movie

Our main character is Nirupama, a talented but also dangerous MIA agent. She is assigned to lead the investigation and must cooperate with Anwar, a veteran spy. The two of them face dangerous challenges and dangerous situations as they delve deep into the danger zone of international espionage.

One of the most important elements of London Confidential is the way the film recreates the atmosphere of tension and fear in a world threatened by a global pandemic. Shots of abandoned London, empty streets, and twinkling red lights add to the feeling of loneliness and mystery. The music used in the film also adds to the feeling of suspense and tension, creating a reasonable musical atmosphere for the story.

Another strong point of the film is the acting. Although the cast are not familiar faces from famous Bollywood, they have shown their professionalism and talent. Each character has unique and memorable characteristics, from the strong Nirupama to the rude but intelligent Anwar, all of which contribute to the appeal of the film.

London Confidential also encountered some mixed opinions from audiences and critics. Additionally, some also objected to using the COVID-19 pandemic as the basis for the story, arguing that this could be offensive or inappropriate in a real-life context.

london confidential review
london confidential review
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