Tamil, Hindi, Telugu
Darbar Release Date
9/10 IMDB Rating
Lyca Productions
Available in
January 8, 2020
Quality option
1080p | 720p
Tamil, Hindi, Telugu
A.R. Murugadoss
Main Stars
Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Nivetha Thomas
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Delve into the shadows of Mumbai’s underworld with Darbar, a Bollywood masterpiece crafted by director A.R. Murugadoss. This thrilling action saga takes audiences on an immersive journey through the labyrinthine alleys and hidden corners of the city, where power, corruption, and justice collide in a high-stakes battle for supremacy.

Darbar Movie Unveiling Mumbai’s Underworld

Darbar Movie lies a vivid portrayal of Mumbai’s dark underbelly, where crime lords rule with an iron fist and alliances are forged in the shadows. Through stunning visuals and intricate storytelling, the film peels back the layers of the city’s underworld, revealing a world of secrets, betrayals, and hidden agendas.

Darbar Download
Darbar Download

Rajinikanth’s Quest for Justice

Enter the world of Rajinikanth, a fearless police officer driven by a relentless pursuit of justice. As the protagonist of Darbar, Rajinikanth embarks on a perilous mission to dismantle a powerful drug syndicate and restore order to the city. With unwavering determination and unwavering courage, he navigates the treacherous landscape of Mumbai’s underworld, confronting danger and deception at every turn.

Darbar Movie The Battle for Mumbai

Darbar Movie unfolds as an epic battle for control of Mumbai’s underworld,

where rival factions clash in a struggle for power and influence. Against a backdrop of violence and chaos,

Rajinikanth finds himself at the center of a conflict that threatens to tear the city apart. As alliances are forged and loyalties tested, the battle for Mumbai reaches a fever pitch, culminating in a showdown of epic proportions.

Confronting the Darkness

As Rajinikanth delves deeper into the darkness of Mumbai’s underworld, he confronts the demons that lurk within himself. Faced with moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas, he grapples with the complexities of right and wrong,

navigating a treacherous path where the line between justice and vengeance blurs. Through his journey, Rajinikanth must confront his own inner darkness and find the strength to overcome it.

Darbar Collection
Darbar Collection

Action, Intrigue, and Redemption

Darbar Movie delivers an adrenaline-fueled spectacle of action sequences and pulse-pounding thrills that captivate audiences from start to finish. From intense hand-to-hand combat to breathtaking chase scenes,

the film offers a dynamic and exhilarating cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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