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Tejas is a 2023 action film that emerges as thrilling tale of an Air Force pilot and her journey of courage and conflict. The film is directed by Sarvesh Mewrara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala, the film revolves around the titular character of Tejas Gill, portrayed by Kangana Ranaut, who is on a rescue mission. Donning the role of an Air Force officer, Kangana, well as the film has suffered from plenty negative reviews and box office turbulence.

The film was released in theatres on October 27, 2023.

Here is everything to know about Tejas and its release.

tejas download
tejas download

Meet the Tejas cast

With the creators so focused on the protagonist of the film, the ensemble cast left many viewers wanting for more on the big screen. And with a lack of depth in the characters, the audience really felt disjointed from the plot.

Lead cast

Kangana Ranaut brings her signature style on the big screen to portray the titular character of the film, Tejas Gill. She is an IAF officer tasked with a rescue mission that involves both aerial combats and facing her personal demons.

And although, Ranaut does a brilliant job of blending the fierceness and vulnerability of her character, the end product failed to impress the audience on the big screen.

The support cast

Supporting members on-screen included the likes of Anshul Chauhan, playing Aafia, Varun Mitra as Ekveer and more. These characters lend their nuanced layer to the narrative and Anshul’s character does a wonderful job of providing a counter to Tejas’s intensity. Other notable members include the likes of Vishak Nair, Ashish Vidyarthi and more. This notable ensemble of talents contribute well to the narrative of the film as the drama unfolds.

Controversies regarding Tejas promotion

The launch and promotion of the film found the creators battle a wave of controversies which were quite highlighted by the media. Bookmark for commonly seen Good Bollywood movies.

tejas review
tejas review

Political endorsements

The film and the creators had to face severe backlash after major political figures from the state government attended the premiere screening with the cast. And fuel was added to the debate when Ranaut asserted that the presence of the political leaders would protect the film.

Visit to the Israel embassy.

Another controversy can sniffing round when Ranaut decided to visit the Israeli Embassy during the Hamas-Israel conflict in 2023. Thus, during several promotional events for the film, Ranaut had to face a number of questions in her engagement in international politics. And more importantly, many critics have raised concerns over geopolitical tensions used as a promotional stint.

Music of Tejas

Tejas features a good soundtrack to go along with the narrative of the film. With the lyrics penned by Folk Lore and Sashwat Sachdev, known for his sound score from major films like Uri: The Surgical Strike and Dhak Dhak, tracks like Dil Hai Ranjhana and Aag Udi do a great job of reeking out the perfect emotional response from the audience.

But there is still more to desire from the sound score, and while fitting the entire theme of the film, it does sometimes feel to overwhelm the narrative. Background sounds like loud music and eerie tones during action set pieces, distracts from the story sometimes. This does feel like overkill at times and feels forced rather than an organic cohesion.

Critical review of Tejas

While the mission, the creators set on, seemed understandable improper editing and cinematographic mess ensured that audiences keep swinging between emotions of patriotism and the lead’s inner turmoil. This makes the story unfold at a very frantic pace which sometimes feel done without purpose.

tejas movie budget
tejas movie budget

A good second half

The beginning sequences felt like an unfinished and rushed mess, with scenes thrown at the audience at a disorienting pace. However, with the second half, some semblance returns to the screen. The climactic aerial combat sequences are simply breathtaking with excellent visuals and special effects to make them stand out with the right intensity.

Although the fight against terrorism takes centre stage in the film, elements like a cliché villain and a rescue mission designed to mock the enemy may feel quite predictable. Plus, the portrayal of the Air Force felt more dramatic than realistic.

A very Tejas Centric story

It is clear from the very start that this film is about Tejas. But the film goes over its way to keep rubbing the fact every chance it gets. This causes the plot to shift focus on from the supporting characters and their presence feels quite redundant at times. Plus, the development of the character arc leaves a lot of questions in the minds of the audience. The film tries to offer a glimpse into Tejas’s life and background that inspired her to become a pilot. But it does feel quite shallow and leaves with a very one dimensional understanding of the character and the forces driving her. Courage is one part of her character, but the focus on it is so high, the audience missed out on the deeper exploration of her motivations and fears.

Other details about Tejas

Here are some of the other information about the film that you might find useful.

Tejas budget and box office collections

The creators put in a massive budget of 60 crores to bring this project to the big screen, however, box office numbers indicate that the film was a complete flop. Complete box office collection for Tejas was 5.6 crores.

Tejas Production

The film went into production when principal photography began in August 2021. Complete filming lasted for only three months and concluded in November 2021. Tejas was launched under the banner of RSVP Movies and has a total runtime of 112 minutes.

Tejas brings perfect action sequences but faced a very turbulent descent after launch with severe backlash. Ranaut’s portrayal of Tejas Gill is earnest, embodying the spirit of a lady Airforce pilot with commendable conviction. Anshul Chauhan complements Tejas’ courage and impulsiveness with guile, patience, and a touch of filmy drama.

tejas collection
tejas collection

The film takes audiences on a gripping journey through the skies, leaving them exhilarated by the adrenaline-pumping action but simultaneously wishing for a more grounded narrative depth.

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