Dhamaka (2021)

dhamaka review
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
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19 November 2021
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Ram Madhvani
Main Stars
Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash
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Dhamaka, an Indian film released in 2021, has created waves in the world of cinema with its dramatic story and brilliant acting. Directed by Ram Madhvani and starring Kartik Aaryan, this film offers a unique entertainment experience that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Dhamaka is the story of Arjun Pathak , a journalist who has lost interest in his work and is facing difficulties in his personal life. Arjun’s life turns upside down when he faces a bomb attack at a skyscraper in Mumbai. It was Arjun who became the first person to receive a call from the terrorist and became the only living witness of this heartbreaking event.

dhamaka movie
dhamaka movie

The story of Dhamaka is not just about a bombing, but also about difficult decisions, pain, and human change in an environment full of unpredictable events. Having to decide between life and death, Arjun becomes a person who faces many psychological and moral challenges, a complex and relatable character to the audience.

What especially makes Dhamaka stand out is the brilliant performance of Kartik Aaryan, who brings authenticity and emotion to the character of Arjun. He succeeded in conveying his character’s suffering, despair and recovery, creating a strong bond with the audience. Besides, director Ram Madhvani also created a tense and thrilling atmosphere, keeping the audience constantly in a state of fear and suspense.

In addition, Dhamaka is also a work of art with beautiful images and vibrant music, creating a multi-dimensional experience for viewers. The diligence in filming and scripting also makes the film attractive and keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end.

Although Dhamaka is not a perfect film and there are still mixed opinions about its content and storytelling, it marks an important step forward in the Indian film industry. By portraying an interesting and complex story, the film proved that cinema is not just about entertainment, but is also a powerful tool to challenge and motivate the audience’s thinking.

dhamaka full movie
dhamaka full movie