Unkahee (2020)

unkahee movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
Available in
26 September 2020
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Anushree Mehta
Main Stars
Sehban Azim, Anupriya Goenka, Ravi Khemu
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Unkahee (2020) is a riveting Indian thriller that highlights the interweaving of fact and fiction to explore the dark secrets behind the walls of one’s formation . Directed by Anushree Mehta, this film is a must-watch thriller starring many talented actors, taking viewers on a surprising psychological journey.

The film’s setting is an old house in rural India, where the main characters begin to encounter strange and mysterious events. The story revolves around the character Meera, a mysterious young woman trying to discover the truth behind her husband’s death. By diligently searching, she discovered many dark secrets that her husband’s family had kept hidden for many years.

ankahee review
ankahee review

One of the strengths of Unkahee is the way it combines horror and psychological elements.

The acting of the actors in Unkahee is also an important factor in the success of the film. Pooja Sharma, who plays Meera, gives a deep and emotional performance, making the audience feel the character’s desperation and determination.

In addition, director Anushree Mehta has shown talent in creating a tense and mysterious atmosphere for the film. Through the use of light and music, she created a dark and creepy atmosphere, making viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen.

However, Unkahee cannot avoid some weaknesses. Some details in the film can feel a bit cliche and predictable, taking away from the surprise and freshness of the story. Additionally, the ending may leave some viewers feeling unsatisfied, as it leaves some questions not fully answered.

In short, Unkahee is a dramatic and engaging Indian thriller, with psychological and horror elements subtly combined. Despite certain weaknesses, with excellent acting and a dramatic story, this film is still worth exploring for lovers of thrillers and psychological genres.

unkahee imdb
unkahee imdb
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