The Curse of Robert the Doll (2016)

the curse of robert the doll trailer
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The Curse of Robert the Doll is a 2016 horror film, based on the true story of the ghostly doll Robert. The film gives the audience a sense of horror when discovering the mysteries and supernatural powers of this scary doll.

The film revolves around the life of a young family when they move to an old house in suburban Florida. During the cleanup, they find an ancient doll called Robert. At first, the family is unaware of the scary and vague rumors of Robert’s curse, but mysterious events begin to occur as they begin to open the door to the doll’s supernatural powers. .

the curse of robert the doll series
the curse of robert the doll series

Robert is a doll taller than a normal person, with a scary face and cold eyes. However, the scariest thing is not only its appearance, but also its ability to create bizarre and disastrous events around it. The young family quickly becomes victims of mysterious incidents, from strange phenomena to haunting nightmares and even unexplained accidents.

Gradually, the family discovers that they cannot run away from the doll’s power. Every attempt to remove it only creates more trouble and danger.

But not only the young family was Robert’s victim. The story expands with the locals also having to deal with the doll’s terrifying presence. Terror and anxiety prevail, as a dark supernatural force takes hold and spreads fear into every corner of the small town.

The Curse of Robert the Doll is more than just an ordinary entertaining horror film. It is also a story about the horrors of the past and the consequences of breaking taboos. By retelling the story of a cursed doll, the film offers a warning about the power of belief and the consequences of facing things beyond our understanding.

With a compelling plot and a sense of unrelenting tension, The Curse of Robert the Doll gives audiences an unforgettable horror experience and affirms the terrifying power of objects that appear invisible but are contains unpredictable horrors.

the curse of robert the doll full movie
the curse of robert the doll full movie

Movie Info:

North Bank Entertainment
Available in
12 September 2016
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Andrew Jones
Main Stars
Nigel Barber, Lee Bane, Tiffany Ceri
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