First Kill (2017)

first kill
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First Kill is an American action film released in 2017, marking the return of famous actor Bruce Willis in a fascinating and suspenseful role. Directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Nick Gordon, this film combines action, drama and surprise to create an emotional experience for audiences.

He is trying to find a way to reconnect with his son Ben (played by Ty Shelton), a mischievous and mischievous boy. When the family decides to go on a summer vacation to a peaceful forest, they don’t expect that their lives will completely change in just one moment.

first kill imdb
first kill imdb

A fateful hunting session causes Will and Ben to witness a robbery and kidnap an injured bandit, Eddie (played by Gethin Anthony). By chance, Will saves Eddie and takes him to his home to treat his injuries. From here, a series of dramatic and suspenseful events begin to take place.

First Kill is not only a tense pursuit between Will, Eddie and a group of criminals but also a journey to find the truth and a father’s protection for his son. Will must face his dark past, while also trying to protect Ben from the dangers of the outside world. Meanwhile, Eddie is a complex character, with some dark secrets and a seductive charm that keeps the audience from knowing whether he is an enemy or an ally.

Bruce Willis portrays the role of a father full of strength and determination, but at the same time a man full of pain and regret. Hayden Christensen brings dimension to the character of Will Beamon, as he struggles between his responsibilities as a father and his past mistakes. Their union creates a sincere and emotional father-son relationship, and is the heart of the story.

First Kill is not only a dramatic action movie, but also contains many profound messages about family, responsibility and forgiveness. Along with subtle character development and a logical and engaging plot, this film has attracted interest and praise from both audiences and critics.

With beautiful action scenes, thrilling details and excellent performances from the actors, First Kill is a work worth watching for those who love the action movie genre and want to enjoy a story full of action. Fascinating and profound.

first kill movie
first kill movie

Movie Info:

Grindstone Entertainment Group
Available in
21 July 2017
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Steven C. Miller
Main Stars
Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen, Ty Shelton
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