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Cinema has become a favorable place to discuss emotional stories, and Seeru 2020 is no exception. This film, helmed by director Rathina Shiva, is a standout act of Indian cinema, taking audiences on a journey between action, emotion and inspiration. With a stellar cast and engaging script, Seeru is a remarkably multi-dimensional work.

The film’s setting takes place in a small town in South India, where hostility and injustice often destroy people’s trust. Jayam Ravi, who plays the lead role, portrays a character with a strong and determined personality. He is a guy who does not hesitate to stand up against evil forces to defend justice and protect the weak.

seeru tamil movie
seeru tamil movie

One of the unique features of Seeru is the way it combines action and emotional elements. Contrary to many action films, where fighting and chaos often take up most of the running time, Seeru focuses on building relationships between characters. Each situation has an emotional investment, helping the audience not only thrill to the dramatic action but also connect with the characters.

The cast of Seeru not only excels in presenting beautiful action scenes but also brings engaging moments in emotional segments. Jayam Ravi, with confidence and enthusiasm, is the heart of the film. Meanwhile, other actors like Riya Suman and Sathish play important roles, further highlighting the diversity and richness of the story.

Another notable point is the music in Seeru, composed by D. Imman. The music not only creates the perfect background for the scene but also shows the enthusiasm of the characters. Melodies and songs are carefully selected to enhance emotions and create a diverse musical experience.

Although Seeru is not a perfect film, it succeeds in winning over audiences by combining the thrill of action with a sincere expression of emotion. This makes the film a standout in the Indian film market and a must-watch for those who love diversity and depth in film genres.

seeru movie cast
seeru movie cast

Movie Info:

Vels Film International
Available in
7 February 2020
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Rathina Shiva, Sami Rajalingam
Main Stars
Jiiva, Navdeep, Riya Suman
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