Atkan Chatkan (2020)

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Atkan Chatkan is an impressive musical film released in 2020, conveying a strong message about passion, effort and the ability to overcome difficulties. Directed by Shiv Hare, this film not only gives audiences great melodies but is also an inspiring story of perseverance and will.

Atkan Chatkan revolves around the life of Guddu, a poor boy living in a poor neighborhood in Bihar, India. Guddu has a great passion for music, and every wall, every corner of the neighborhood becomes a door for his musical creativity. By chance, Guddu met and befriended like-minded companions who also shared his passion for music.

atkan chatkan imdb
atkan chatkan imdb

The film is not only a journey of boys who want to pursue their dreams, but also an insight into life in poor neighborhoods in India. It clearly describes the difficulties and challenges that children like Guddu face every day. In this way, Atkan Chatkan is not only an entertaining film but also a work of art that provides understanding and awareness of the world around.

One of the special features of the film is the music, composed by famous artist A.R. Rahman. The melody and lyrics of Atkan Chatkan not only contribute to making the film more lively but also truly express the enthusiasm and passion of the main characters. Music becomes an indispensable part, playing an important role in conveying the emotions and moods of the characters, enhancing the audience’s experience.

Besides, the main message of Atkan Chatkan is that perseverance and effort can overcome all difficulties. The journey of Guddu and his friends is a clear image of the power of belief in oneself and the ability to overcome all troubles to achieve one’s dreams. This makes the film inspirational, encouraging audiences to not only find their passion but also keep their spirits up in the face of life’s challenges.

In short, Atkan Chatkan is not only a unique musical film but also an inspirational story about perseverance, passion and effort. With great music and emotional acting, this film is a memorable journey, opening a new door to the world of those who pursue their passion for music and those who dare to dream big.

atkan chatkan story
atkan chatkan story

Movie Info:

Lokaa Entertainment
Available in
5 September 2020
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Shiv Hare
Main Stars
Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary, Tamanna Dipak
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