Class of ’83 (2020)

class of 83 movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
Red Chillies Entertainment
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21 August 2020
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Atul Sabharwal
Main Stars
Bobby Deol, Anup Soni, Joy Sengupta
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Class of ’83 is an outstanding Indian film, giving audiences a new experience in the crime genre. Directed by Atul Sabharwal and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, the film is based on the book of the same name by Hussain Zaidi, which opens up into the dark world of Indian crime and police in the 1980s.

The setting of Class of ’83 is Mumbai, a city full of turmoil and social instability.

class of 83 review
class of 83 review

One strength of the film is the way it captures the dark and tense atmosphere of the period. From simple music to realistic scenes and a picture of Mumbai’s modern society, Class of ’83 takes audiences back to the 1980s with sophistication and authenticity.

Bobby Deol, in his role as Vijay Singh, creates a powerful and profound character. His return in this role has brought a new and interesting aspect, affirming the actor’s diverse acting talent. The focus on the development of the main character along with the events in the police system makes the film attractive.

An important aspect of movie is how it deals with corruption and discipline within the police force. By showing the pressures and difficulties that new soldiers face, the film raises serious questions about justice and ethics in criminal policing.

With a tense, dramatic atmosphere, and excellent performances from the cast, movie is not just an ordinary crime film but also an attractive and meaningful work. means.

Its messages of unity, courage, and the ability to face challenges make this film one of the notable works of Indian cinema.The film is not only a dramatic crime story but also raises serious questions about reality and ethics in the police system.Through complex details, Class of ’83 addresses corruption, facing pressure, and also emphasizes the importance of unity within the police force.

class of 83 cast
class of 83 cast