Savyasachi (2018)

savyasachi movie
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Savyasachi is an Indian film in the action and crime genre, released in 2018. This film is one of the unique works of Telugu cinema, standing out with a fascinating story, action sequences Breathtaking animation and excellent acting from the cast.

The setting of Savyasachi is a story revolving around Vikram Aditya, a young man who lost his left hand at a young age due to a traffic accident. However, he has a special ability called dual strength, which means he can control both hands with equal strength and flexibility. This power is especially useful when he is faced with dangerous situations.

savyasachi director
savyasachi director

The film’s plot revolves around Vikram Aditya facing an unexpected enemy, Aditya, a notorious criminal. Aditya wants revenge for the hurt he suffered in the past, and this is when Vikram Aditya must use his dual powers to protect himself and those he loves.

The action scenes in Savyasachi are not just noisy fights but are also meticulously and tightly designed. Viewers will witness dramatic fight sequences and unique special effects, as Vikram Aditya uses his special powers to take on fearsome enemies.

Savyasachi also brings a message about the strength of brotherhood and determination to overcome difficulties. Vikram Aditya, despite facing many obstacles and challenges, does not give up on his goal of protecting his loved ones and fighting evil.

Savyasachi’s cast also contributed significantly to the film’s appeal. Naga Chaitanya excels in her role, especially in the intense action scenes. Madhavan, as the villain, also creates a powerful and intimidating character.

Savyasachi is a movie worth watching for those who love the action and crime genre. With a dramatic story, breathtaking action, and stellar acting, this film is sure to please all audiences.

savyasachi full movie
savyasachi full movie

Movie Info:

Mythri Movie Makers
Available in
2 November 2018
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Chandoo Mondeti
Main Stars
Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Madhavan, Nidhhi Agerwal
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