Super Deluxe (2019)

Super Deluxe
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Super Deluxe Movie (2019) emerges as a bold and unconventional cinematic gem that defies genre conventions and challenges societal norms. Directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja, this Tamil anthology

film weaves together multiple narratives to explore the complexities of human existence and the interconnectedness of life’s experiences.

Unveiling the Multifaceted Narrative

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Chennai, Super Deluxe Movie delves into the lives of its diverse characters, each grappling with their own struggles and desires. From a transgender woman seeking acceptance to a disillusioned father grappling with his past, the film intricately intertwines their stories, revealing the profound ways in which their lives intersect and influence one another.

Super Deluxe film
Super Deluxe film

Exploring Themes of Identity and Redemption

At its core, Super Deluxe Movie delves into the themes of identity, redemption, and the search for meaning in a complex and ever-changing world. Through its rich tapestry of characters and narratives, the film invites audiences to reflect on the nature of existence and the universal quest for connection and understanding. Whether grappling with issues of gender identity, sexuality, or morality, each character’s journey serves as a poignant exploration of the human condition.

Super Deluxe Movie Brilliance in Performances

Movies boasts an ensemble cast of exceptional talent, with each actor delivering a nuanced and captivating performance. From Vijay Sethupathi’s portrayal of a transgender woman named Shilpa to Samantha Akkineni’s gripping turn as Vaembu,

a woman caught in a web of secrets and lies, the film’s performances elevate its storytelling to new heights. Supported by a talented cast including Fahadh Faasil,

Ramya Krishnan, and Mysskin, Movie captivates audiences with its authenticity and emotional depth.

Visual Poetry and Directorial Vision

Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s visionary approach to storytelling is evident in every frame of Super Deluxe Movie. From its stunning cinematography to its evocative soundtrack,

the film is a visual and auditory feast that immerses audiences in its rich and vibrant world. Kumararaja’s masterful direction allows the film to seamlessly transition between moments of comedy,

drama, and tragedy, creating a cinematic experience that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

Super Deluxe cast
Super Deluxe cast

Super Deluxe Movie Impact and Legacy

Films has garnered widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike,

earning accolades for its bold storytelling, inventive narrative structure, and stellar performances. The film’s exploration of taboo subjects and its unflinching portrayal of human complexity have sparked meaningful conversations and left a lasting impact on viewers.

Movie Info:

East West Dream Work Entertainment
Available in
29 March 2019
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Main Stars
Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
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