Raaz 3: The Third Dimension (2012)

raaz 3 the third dimension full movie
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Raaz 3: The Third Dimension is an Indian film full of horror and mystery released in 2012. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, this film is the third installment in the Raaz series. Starring actors like Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta, the film quickly attracted the audience’s attention with its engaging plot and unique special effects.

Raaz 3 tells the story of an actress named Shanaya Shekhar (played by Bipasha Basu) who lost her reputation and status in the film industry because of fierce competition with her husband.  To get revenge and reestablish her position, Shanaya decides to use dark magic to plunge Sanjana into a series of strange and horrifying events. In this way, she hopes that Sanjana’s ruin will give her a new opportunity in the industry.

raaz 3 the third dimension cast
raaz 3 the third dimension cast

But Shanaya’s evil spells quickly spiral out of control, drawing both her and Sanjana into a world of horror and fear. They must face supernatural phenomena and malicious evil spirits. Meanwhile, Aditya (played by Emraan Hashmi), a young filmmaker and Shanaya’s ex, sets out to uncover the truth behind these strange events and tries to save both women. before everything becomes too late.

One of the notable features of Raaz 3 is the way it combines horror and psychological elements. The film not only creates scary ghost scenes but also focuses on analyzing the psychology of the characters, especially that of Shanaya, who is haunted by the lust for power and fear of aging. and lost position. Bipasha Basu has delivered an impressive performance and brought poignancy and motivation to her character.

The film’s music also plays an important role in enhancing emotions and creating a horror atmosphere.

Overall, Raaz 3: The Third Dimension is an impressive horror film, combining demonic and psychological elements, attracting the audience’s attention not only because of its fascinating plot but also because of its actors. Excellent performance by the actors and unique special effects. For those who love horror and mystery movies, Raaz 3 is definitely a must-see.

raaz 3 the third dimension full movie download
raaz 3 the third dimension full movie download

Movie Info:

Vishesh Films
Available in
23 January 2009
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Vikram Bhatt
Main Stars
Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta
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