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Pencil is an Indian film released in 2016, marking the return of a young cast and a sophisticated, engaging story. Directed by Mani Nagaraj, this film is a blend of comedy, emotion and suspense that captures the audience’s attention from start to finish.

The setting of Pencil takes place in a high school in Chennai, where stories about friendship, love and fighting for equality are delicately revealed. The story revolves around two main characters, Shiva and Maya, played by G.V. Prakash Kumar and Sri Divya. Shiva is a rebellious but talented and kind-hearted student, while Maya is an active, intelligent and determined girl.

pencil tamil movie
pencil tamil movie

One of the standout elements of Pencil is the way it highlights the issues of students and the pressures they face in society, while still remaining entertaining and light-hearted as a film. humorous. The film addresses the issue of discrimination between men and women, as well as how the main characters face and overcome these challenges.

Another important part of Pencil is the way it represents the relationship between students and teachers. The film not only focuses on the relationships between students, but also shows the influence teachers have on them. From empathy and support to rigidity and challenge, this relationship is an integral part of school life.

But Pencil isn’t just about serious issues. The film also brings the audience moments of entertainment full of excitement and laughter. From humorous situations to thrilling chase scenes, “Pencil” brings the perfect blend of humor and suspense.

What is notable in Pencil is the acting of the cast. G.V. Prakash Kumar and Sri Divya have portrayed the relationship between Shiva and Maya in a very natural and emotional way. They gave genuine and profound expressions, making the audience unable to help but sympathize and sympathize with them.

Additionally, Pencil also received praise for its presentation of sound and visual effects. The film’s music is creative and appropriate, creating an exciting and tense atmosphere. Along with that is the smart use of images and collage, creating attractive and unique scenes.

In short, Pencil is a movie worth watching with a deep plot, good acting and impressive sound and visual effects. Highly appreciated for both entertainment and art, this film will certainly leave an unforgettable impression on the audience.

pencil movie review
pencil movie review

Movie Info:

Kalsan Movies Pvt Ltd
Available in
16 October 2015
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Mani Nagaraj
Main Stars
G.V. Prakash Kumar, Sri Divya, Shariq Hassan
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