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January 25, 2024
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Mohanlal, Priyamani, Anaswara Rajan
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Neru is an Indian Malayalam courtroom drama flick that was released in December 2023. Helmed by Jeethu Joseph, the plot unveils a riveting drama that is surely to tangle you in the intricate web of truth and justice. Neru stands out as a highly critical collaboration between the filmmaker and Mohanlal, one of the biggest names in the industry.

Expect more depth from the story thanks to a brilliant line up of supporting cast members including Anaswara Rajan, Priyamani, and Siddique who bring on something more than traditional story telling.

neru full movie download
neru full movie download

Neru’s script development

The roots for Neru can be traced back to July 2023, when the producers announced the project with Mohanlal leading the cast. Starting off with a generic title of “Production No. 33”, the momentum for the release was soon picked up with the official announcement on August 21st. “Seeking Justice” in Braille inscription accompanied the official announcement for Neru.

Efforts of the director and screenwriter turned fruitful as the perfectly crafted courtroom sequences do a brilliant job of blurring the fine line between realism and drama to bring an authentic nail biting experience till the very end credits. The director’s high emphasis on avoiding excessive realism does add to the scenes’ authenticity.

Neru filming and casting

With a dynamic team of casting on-screen and brilliant direction from behind, complete filming for the movie was concluded quickly. Here is what you need to know about the production and casting choices by the creators.

Meet the crew behind the screen

Primary filming for Neru began in August 2023 in the Malayalam month of Chingam. This is considered quite an auspicious time in the culture. Filming was led by chief cinematographer Satheesh Kurup, and most of the sequences were based in and around Thiruvananthapuram. Art direction was done by Boban and Linta Jeethu breathed visually striking costume designs.

Meet the cast on screen

Mohanlal was brought in to play the lead role of advocate Vijaymohan and we supported by characters played by Priyamani and Anaswara Rajan. With the casting choices finalised before shoot, Santhi Mayadevi found herself in an unexpected role, however, her authenticity and on-screen appeal made sure to do every bit of justice to her role. Other notable members from the cast included the likes of Jagadish, K. B. Ganesh Kumar, Siddique and more.

neru review
neru review

Neru release and collection

Concluding on the principal filming and editing phases, the creators were looking for the right date to capitalise on the weekends before Christmas.

Neru theatrical release

The film was released in December 21, 2023 to a global audience in an effort to douse competition from major Christmas releases. The film quickly overtook the launch slot reserved for Mohanlal’s directorial debut “Barroz,”, the latter of which was shifted to a later date in 2024.

Neru box office collection

The film became an instant hit with the audience, serving way beyond what was expected from the makers. The high success was evident from its 85 crore global collection, which deservedly earned Neru the spot as the second-highest-grossing Malayalam film of the year and the fourth highest of all time. We also see the SouthHindiDub [VoiceOver] genre of films being very popular with the audience.

This planning for the release date was a perfect choice as it helped the film avoid competition from major Christmas launches and earn a whopping 50 crore within the first week and surpassing 75 crores by the 15th day of its launch. This does really exemplifies the box office dominance of Neru.

neru film duration
neru film duration

Expected sequels and spin offs of Neru

The lead cast including Mohanlal asserted that the chances of the sequel or spin-off primarily hinges on the success of the film. And with a good run at the box office, a sequel or spin-off might be just round the corner. Sequels will do a great job of exploring additional cases handled by Vijayamohan while the prospect of spin-offs focused on other characters of the saga that adds an intriguing layer to the narrative universe created by the film.

Neru critical review

The director does a great job of deviating from the usual narrative style and laid out all secrets within the first half hour mark of the film, unlike his previous works where the revelations at the end became the central theme for the plot. With Neru, the director takes on a different approach with the courtroom proceedings beginning with a transparency that sets the stage for a unique cinematic experience.

With her lack of vision, identifying the preparators does prove to be a challenge, since her other senses are not admissible as evidence. This heart wrenching idea elevates the film, even when the plot teeters on the brink of sagging. Anaswara’s perfect casting as Sara does real justice to rightfully portray the trials and tribulations faced by the lead. This has successfully been able to capture the audience’s sympathy. Also took away a lot of tears from the audience like the movie Salaar.


In a departure from conventional courtroom dramas, Neru masterfully blends in the dramatic elements with a realistic portrayal of legal proceedings in India. And the director’s intention to offer an authentic courtroom experience for the audience while maintaining engagement is evident throughout the runtime. The performances, particularly by Mohanlal, Anaswara Rajan, and Siddique, receive well-deserved praise from critics.

neru 2023
neru 2023

The success of the film is more than the mere numbers from the box office, it marks the perfect comeback for Mohanlal on the big screen and securing its place as the third highest grossing film of his career. The ability to make the audience stay at the edge of their seats till the very end and coupled with potential sequels and spin-offs lingering around the horizon, Neru is sure to be a lasting name in Malayalam cinema.

A real triumph of storytelling, blended with compelling performances and a though provoking central idea, Neru is an absolute watch for cinephiles.

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