Nanna Prakara (2019)

nanna prakara movie
9.2/10 IMDB Rating
Gururaj S
Available in
23 August 2019
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480p | 720p | 1080p
Vinay Balaji
Main Stars
Ashok, Vaishnavi Chandran, Niranjan Deshpande
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Nanna Prakara is an Indian Kannada language film directed by Vinay Balaji. This film belongs to the comedy, psychological and crime genres, with the participation of quality actors such as Priyamani, Kishore, and Mayuri Kyatari. Nanna Prakara takes viewers on a surprising journey through events and profound discoveries about humanity.

The story revolves around three main characters: Siddharth, a young journalist; Meera, an intellectual and decisive policewoman; and Sharath, a young man with a hobby of painting and living a closed life.

nanna prakara imdb
nanna prakara imdb

Priyamani plays the role of Meera, a strong and intelligent character who always seeks justice and reason in every situation. Her excellence in this role helped present an image of a modern, determined and talented woman. Kishore plays Siddharth, a curious and brave journalist who is always ready to sacrifice in search of the truth. And Mayuri Kyatari, as Sharath, brought dimension and depth to her character, displaying an artistic sensibility.

Nanna Prakara is not only a fascinating film with an intriguing plot and dramatic details, but also a story about people, about the dark and light sides of life. It highlights social issues such as corruption, domestic violence and social injustice in a subtle way, without forgetting to emphasize the power of friendship, love and trust.

Director Vinay Balaji has created an impressive work that showcases the diversity and depth of Kannada cinema. By combining humor, psychology and criminal elements, Nanna Prakara has conquered both audiences and critics. It is a testament to the creativity and talent of the Kannada film industry, and is also a notable highlight in the list of Indian films worth watching.

nanna prakara ott
nanna prakara ott
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