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LIE (2017) is a dramatic and thrilling Indian film, directed by Hanu Raghavapudi and produced by Ram Achanta and Gopichand Achanta. The film takes viewers on a surprising journey, with elements such as love, jealousy and deception.

The film is set in Hyderabad, where politics and crime are intertwined. The story revolves around a young man named A. Satyam’s hobby is challenging others and deceiving them, especially the rich and powerful.

lie movie ott
lie movie ott

One day, Satyam meets his sister, Chaitra (played by Megha Akash), after being missing for a long time. Chaitra’s sudden appearance made Satyam feel confused, because she brought with her a terrible secret related to a large amount of money and people who wanted to take it away.

This encounter took Satyam on a risky adventure, with some people wanting to kill him because of Chaitra’s presence. However, Satyam’s intelligence and excellent ability to lie helped him overcome challenges, even defeating the most dangerous enemies.

During this process, Satyam and Chaitra begin to develop a special relationship. Although it was initially just a relationship based on the need for help, it gradually became true love. Together they faced all difficulties and challenges, and through it, their love was tested and confirmed.

But more than just love and adventure, LIE is also a story about the confrontation between good and evil. Satyam, despite his ability to lie, maintains his conscience and loyalty to those he loves. Meanwhile, his enemies are constantly trying to take him down by any means.

Besides, LIE is also a lesson about innovation and creativity. The film not only brings the audience a dramatic and thrilling story but also a new and attractive way of telling the story.

With the participation of outstanding actors such as Nithiin and Megha Akash, along with the talented direction of Hanu Raghavapudi, LIE has become one of the outstanding Indian films of 2017, attracting attention and praise from both audiences and critics.

LIE is not only a dramatic action film but also a story about love, courage and loyalty. With the combination of these elements, the film contributed to the success of Indian cinema and left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience.

lie movie telugu
lie movie telugu

Movie Info:

Available in
11 August 2017
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Hanumantha Rao Raghavapudi
Main Stars
Nithiin, Megha Akash, Ravi Kishan
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