Howl (2015)

howl movie
9/10 IMDB Rating
Starchild Pictures
Available in
16 October 2015
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Paul Hyett
Main Stars
Elliot Cowan, Rosie Day, Calvin A. Dean
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The movie Howl, released in 2015, is a unique horror work that takes viewers on a fierce adventure between life and death, in a train trapped in a pristine forest. Directed by Paul Hyett, this film is not only a story about monsters lurking in the dark, but also an opportunity to explore fear and courage in humans.

Howl opens by introducing the main character, Joe, a train service worker with a dead-end life and an unclear future. When the train is lost in the darkness of a creepy forest, the passengers face an unexpected threat: being attacked by vicious and bloody wolves.

howl movie review
howl movie review

Here, the film witnesses the development of the characters from ordinary people to unlikely heroes. In a dire situation, their self-preservation and courage are tested in an amazing way. At the same time, tension and anxiety increase, creating an oppressive atmosphere that threatens anyone who is following the story.

One highlight of Howl is the way it builds an atmosphere of terror and anxiety. Silence and eerie music are used cleverly to create a feeling of mortal dread. As the light fades and the moaning begins, viewers are drawn into a world of nightmarish monsters.

However, Howl is not just an ordinary horror movie. It is also a story about empathy and compassion. While the characters must fight to survive, they also face suffering and loss. Their emotions and suffering are expressed realistically, helping the audience feel a part of them.

In addition, Howl is also a story about confronting fear and overcoming it. Each character must face their own fears, and it’s up to them to overcome them and survive. Their development from weakness to strength is an important part of the plot, and highlights human values and courage.

In the end, Howl is a horror film worth watching, not only for its compelling plot and excellent acting, but also for its profound message about life and death, courage and compassion. For those who love this genre, Howl is a terrifying journey that no one wants to miss.

howl movie download in tamil
howl movie download in tamil
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