Double Seat (2015)

double seat movie
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Double Seat is a story about Amar (Ankush Chaudhari) and Arju (Mukta Barve), two people who are living in a small apartment in Mumbai. Their lives become busy and full of concerns as they try to make a home of their own in a rapidly growing city. The film focuses on their journey, from dreams and ambitions to difficulties and challenges.

Mumbai, with its diversity and excitement, is the perfect backdrop for Amar and Arju’s lives. This is a city full of dreams, but also full of pressure and difficulties. With the dream of having their own home, Amar and Arju face the difficult realities of urban life, from finding a stable job to saving every penny to realize their dream.

double seat film
double seat film

One of the most important elements of the film is the way it shows family unity and love. While Amar and Arju face many difficulties in daily life, they always have each other, ready to share their joys and sorrows. Their relationship becomes stronger with each trial, and this makes them both a source of support and encouragement for each other.

In addition, the film also addresses social issues such as work pressure, the influence of big cities on family life and people’s desire to have a stable and peaceful life. Through the story of Amar and Arju, the audience has the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of happiness and success in life.

With emotional performances from Ankush Chaudhari and Mukta Barve, Double Seat conquered the hearts of the audience with its authentic and inspiring story. The film is not only a picture of life in the city of Mumbai, but also a message of love, solidarity and hope in the most difficult times.

Double Seat is a movie worth watching, bringing the audience true emotions and meaningful lessons about life and love. This is not just a story about a couple, but also an insight into the daily lives of millions of people living in big cities.

double seat cast
double seat cast

Movie Info:

Essel Vision Productions
Available in
14 August 2015
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Sameer Vidwans
Main Stars
Mukta Barve, Ankush Chaudhari, Vandana Gupte
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