ayalaan telugu movie
9.4/10 IMDB Rating
KJR Studios
Available in
January 17, 2024
Quality option
R. Ravikumar
Main Stars
Sivakarthikeyan, Rakul Preet Singh, Karunakaran
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Ayalaan is an upcoming big-budget Tamil sci-fi film starring Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role. Directed by R. Ravikumar of Indru Netru Naalai fame, Ayalaan revolves around an alien that lands on Earth and befriends Sivakarthikeyan’s character. With music by the legendary A.R. The film boasts of a talented cast and crew and has created good pre-release buzz. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this sci-fi extravaganza.

The Cast of Ayalaan

The cast of Ayalaan is headlined by Sivakarthikeyan in the lead role along with Rakul Preet Singh as the female lead. The supporting cast includes acclaimed actors like Sharad Kelkar, Isha Koppikar and Bhanupriya in key roles.

ayalaan producer
ayalaan producer

Lead Roles

Sivakarthikeyan stars as the male lead Tamizh, an energetic and endearing young man who befriends the alien Tattoo that accidentally lands on Earth. Sivakarthikeyan’s unique comedic flair and boyish charm aptly fit Tamizh’s character that gives Tattoo refuge and helps protect it from danger. His character spearheads the plot leading to a hilarious yet touching relationship between man and alien.

Tattoo is the friendly alien that befriends Tamizh and unwittingly causes events to spiral out of control with his arrival on Earth. The alien is voiced by multi-talented actor Siddharth, whose versatile voice lends depth and emotions to the animated alien character. Tattoo’s childlike innocence makes him immensely likeable and Siddharth’s voice further gives him an adorable charm. Rakul Preet Singh plays Tara, Tamizh’s colleague, whose role brings about romantic complications. The lead trio bring this unlikely friendship and comedy to life.

Supporting Cast

A key character among the supporting cast is Aryan played by acclaimed actor Sharad Kelkar, who essays the main antagonist. His role of a rogue scientist trying to hunt Tattoo for his own sinister gains provides the necessary conflict in the plot. Her association with the key villain brings interesting twists to the tale.

Tamil screen veterans Bhanupriya and Yogi Babu as Tamizh’s mother and friend respectively lend their acting prowess to the cast. Comedians Karunakaran and Bala Saravanan enter the fray as Tamizh’s sidekicks, providing lighter moments in this caper between humans and aliens. Other supporting characters assayed by actors like Rahul Madhav, Ujjwal Chopra and Sijoy Varghese further the subplots and add masala to the storyline, leading to situational comedy throughout. The ensemble supporting cast with their flair for humor deliver performances that complement Sivakarthikeyan’s antics in this Sci fi comedy.

ayalaan movie poster
ayalaan movie poster

Production of Ayalaan

The production of Ayalaan has been long and winding due to several unforeseen circumstances. However, the ambitious project is now ready to hit screens soon. Along with other movies like Ludo.


Ayalaan was announced in October 2016 by Sivakarthikeyan’s regular collaborator 24AM Studios. Director Ravikumar spent considerable time finetuning the script before production delays due to Sivakarthikeyan’s other commitments pushed filming to 2018. 24AM Studios exited the project in mid-2019 due to financial constraints before KJR Studios took over production. The revamped project finally began filming in June 2018.


Principal photography for Ayalaan officially commenced with a launch event in June 2018, followed by filming at Gokulam Studios. Adhering to pandemic guidelines, the team resumed shooting in late 2020 and wrapped up major filming by January 2021 after a cumulative period of 3 years. Despite multiple interruptions that delayed production,

Ayalaan stands tall as an achievement due to its extravagant scale as evidenced by over 4500 VFX shots, claimed to be the highest ever for an Indian film until now.

What’s in Ayalaan?

At its heart, Ayalaan portrays an endearing friendship that blossoms between Sivakarthikeyan’s character Tamizh and Tattoo,

an alien that accidentally arrives on Earth while trying to collect samples from the planet. Tamizh displays his inherent goodness by accepting the stranded alien wholeheartedly despite its bizarre appearance and giving it refuge in his home.

When Aryan abducts Tattoo, Tamizh must race against time to rescue his alien friend and send it back home

safely before Aryan’s sinister plans come to fruition.

The plot allows Sivakarthikeyan’s trademark comedy style and lively on-screen persona to shine through during the lighter moments

between Tamizh and his new friend. The blend of situational comedy combined with sci-fi and Action Movie  elements makes Ayalaan a wholesome entertainer for audiences of all ages. At its core is the emotional resonance of an innocent friendship that transcends worlds and species – a thought sure to strike a chord with viewers.

ayalaan movie download
ayalaan movie download

With an intriguing storyline exploring human bonds with alien lifeforms, visual grandeur through heavy VFX usage and the promise of entertainment with Sivakarthikeyan’s comic flavor, Ayalaan has all the trappings of a good commercial entertainer. Backed by the technical brilliance of A.R. Rahman’s music and Ravikumar’s direction, the film is sure to offer a fresh movie experience for Tamil cinema fans.

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