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Axone is an impressive film released in 2019, giving a fresh insight and perspective into the lives of the North East Indian community in the city of Delhi. This film is not only an entertaining story, but also a meaningful and emotional work of art, touching on many social issues such as multiculturalism, gangsterism, and friendship.

Set against the backdrop of a special day in the lives of a group of close friends, Axone follows their journey to prepare a birthday party for a common friend, all of whom are Northeastern Indians. However, cooking a traditional dish from their homeland, called Axone, became a big challenge as they had to overcome difficulties in finding ingredients and negative reactions from some people. local people.

axone movie review hindi
axone movie review hindi

One of the highlights of Axone is the way it showcases Delhi’s cultural diversity and multicultural life. The group of friends are under pressure from the surrounding society, encountering discrimination and racism, but through solidarity and friendship, they overcome all challenges to show love and pride in their origins. mine.

In addition, Axone also addresses the problem of immigrant communities in large cities, facing adaptation to a new environment and maintaining their cultural identity in an environment that often often puts pressure to conform to the norms and values of diverse societies.

At the same time, Axone also offers an honest and gentle look at friendship and camaraderie.

Creating a vivid and realistic picture of migrant life in a major city like Delhi, movie received widespread praise from both audiences and critics. The film has attracted attention not only for its profound story and excellent acting but also for the way it gently and subtly raises important social issues.

Axone is not only an entertaining film, but also a social work of art, giving audiences a meaningful and touching experience about the lives of migrants and multiculturalism. form in major cities of India.

axone movie cast
axone movie cast

Movie Info:

Saregama India
Available in
19 October 2019
Quality option
480p | 720p | 1080p
Nicholas Kharkongor
Main Stars
Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram, Jimpa Bhutia
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