WWE 2K24 Tips How to Win

In one of the most anticipated and exciting events on the calendar of professional wrestling, sports entertainment giant WWE hosts an annual Royal Rumble event. In this 30-man and 30-woman match, superstars attempt to throw their adversaries over the top rope in a bid to win the bout and secure a title match for themselves at the next Wrestlemania. This event kicks off the Wrestlemania season and gets the dedicated fanbase excited about the company’s showcase event of the year.
WWE 2K24 Tips How to Win

How to Perform Quick Royal Rumble Eliminations

1. **Weaken Opponents Before Elimination:** Focus on weakening your opponents before attempting to eliminate them. Perform strong strikes, grapples, and signature/finishing moves to reduce their overall health and make them more susceptible to elimination.

2. **Throw Opponents Over the Top Rope:** The primary method of elimination in a Royal Rumble match is throwing opponents over the top rope. Position your wrestler strategically near the ropes and use strong grapple moves that are more likely to send your opponent over the top.

3. **Exploit Signature and Finisher Moves:** Save your wrestler’s signature and finisher moves for critical moments in the match. These powerful moves can be effective in quickly reducing an opponent’s health and increasing the chances of successfully eliminating them.

4. **Coordinate Attacks with Others:* In multi-man Royal Rumble matches you can sometimes coordinate attacks with other wrestlers to eliminate a specific opponent. Form temporary alliances or take advantage of distracted opponents to gain the upper hand.

5. **Utilize Environmental Interactions:** If the game allows for it, use the environment to your advantage. Sometimes, there are specific areas near the ropes that facilitate easier eliminations. Pay attention to the surroundings and try to position your opponents accordingly.

6. **Perfectly Time Elimination Attempts:** The timing of your elimination attempts is crucial. Wait for moments when opponents are already weakened, off-balance, or engaged with other wrestlers. This increases the likelihood of success when attempting to eliminate them.

7. **Maximize Strength and Power Attributes:** If the game includes attribute customization, consider maximizing your wrestler’s strength and power attributes. These attributes often play a role in successful elimination attempts.

8. **Practice Reversals:** Opponents will try to eliminate you as well. Practice your reversal timing to avoid being thrown over the top rope. A well-timed reversal can turn the tables and allow you to eliminate your opponent instead.

9. **Adapt to Different Royal Rumble Rules:** WWE games may have variations in Royal Rumble rules or match settings. Familiarize yourself with the specific mechanics of the Royal Rumble match in WWE 2K24 to adapt your strategy accordingly.

How to Perform Royal Rumble Grapple Eliminations

1. **Weaken Your Opponent:** Before attempting a grapple elimination, focus on weakening your opponent. Use regular strikes, strong strikes, and regular grapples to reduce their overall health. A weakened opponent is more susceptible to being eliminated.

2. **Position Near the Ropes:** Maneuver your wrestler close to the ropes to create an opportunity for a grapple elimination. Proper positioning is crucial to ensure that your opponent can be thrown over the top rope during the grapple animation.

3. **Initiate a Strong Grapple:** Execute a strong grapple move by pressing the designated button or combination. The specific controls may vary depending on the game and platform. Check the in-game tutorial or control settings for precise instructions.

4. **Choose a Grapple Move with Elimination Potential:** Some strong grapple moves are more effective for elimination purposes. Look for moves that involve lifting your opponent or tossing them over the top rope. Signature and finishing moves can also be powerful options for eliminating opponents.

5. **Time Your Grapple Moves:** Timing is crucial when performing grapple eliminations. Wait for the right moment, such as when your opponent is groggy, off-balance, or distracted by another wrestler. This increases the chances of successfully executing the elimination move.

6. **Pay Attention to Stamina:** Keep an eye on your wrestler’s stamina. Performing strong grapple moves can consume stamina, and if your stamina is too low, your wrestler may struggle to execute the move. Manage your stamina wisely to ensure successful eliminations.

7. **Counter Reversals:** Be aware that opponents may attempt to reverse your grapple moves. Practice the timing for counters to prevent your opponents from turning the tables and attempting to eliminate you instead.

8. **Use Environmental Factors:** If the game allows for it, consider using environmental factors near the ropes to enhance your grapple elimination attempts. Some areas may have specific areas that facilitate easier eliminations.

9. **Adapt to Changes in Gameplay Mechanics:** Each WWE 2K game may introduce new gameplay mechanics or modify existing ones. Familiarize yourself with the specific controls and features of WWE 2K24 by checking the in-game tutorial or manual.




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